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Clifford Stevens (Zen Master)

About The Author

Clifford Stevens (Zen Master Kiichi Gong) studied Qi Gong, Zen, and meditation under Genro for many years before being certified as a Zen teacher in 2016 and as Zen Master in late 2021. Born in the United States, Stevens’s career included teaching, journalism, PR manager, and a translator. He studied Qi Gong, Zen, and meditation with Genro Xuan Lou and Laoshi. The author shares his meditation-imparted experiences, and the Dharma transmission from Genro qualified me to be named a teacher of Zen. He enjoyed writing this understandable, easy reading guide along with Master Genro for those wanting to learn more and practice true Buddhism and the benefits that come with the teachings in Find The Seeker!


Master’s Clifford and Genro share; “many wise teachers, masters, and prophets have walked on the face of the Earth, serving as signposts and facilitators. They inspire us because they have shown that we can make our way down the path, embody the Oneness, and realize our true nature. They have attained non-dual consciousness and manifested goodness, love, and compassion. I am grateful to have personally met and been taught by several of them. One thing that needs to be said is that the book is not about myself or Genro. Perhaps it will serve as an inspiration to help readers reboot their spiritual search and renew their lives.


Zen Master Clifford Stevens also shares; I’m often asked what my favorite motivational phrase: “Be as you are” by the great Indian teacher Ramana Maharshi. He did not say that we should” become” as we are but to BE what we are, and that is a vital message of this book.” The author resides in Austria.

Clifford Stevens (Zen Master)


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