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Cathy Cade

About The Author

Cathy is a former librarian who began writing in retirement. She lives surrounded by fields in the Cambridgeshire Fens, occasionally relocating to a fringe of London’s Epping Forest.

Cathy’s stories and rhymes have appeared in online and print, including To Hull and Back Short Stories, Writer’s Forum, People’s Friend, and Fractured Fiction Anthology II. Her books, A Year Before Christmas, Witch Way and other ambiguous stories, The Godmother,and Pond People, are available from Amazon and Smashwords.

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Short Stories by the Author

After Life

After Life

Something dragged Mo out of darkness toward the lights, away from the body that lay in the hospital bed with Amy crying crocodile tears on one side and his children, pale and frightened, on the other.
He had to warn them...



“Could we divert a library assistant to shelve these returns while I’m at the book meeting? Celia is familiar with their classification.”
“I expect it’s time I got to grips with it,” I said. “Celia’s writing tickets.”...

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Books by the Author

Pond People
A Year Before Christmas
The Godmother
Witch Way
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