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Cachline Etienne

About The Author

Cachline Etienne is an Author, Poet and Artist born in the Bahamas. Her first book, a series of poems titled Stories Untold was published early 2018. To-date, Cachline is the author of six published books. She writes in multiple genres, however her main/go-to genre is young adult fiction. Other notable genres are poetry and most recently, romance. Cachline's romance works are and will continue to be published under the pen name C. Etienne.

​When asked, Cachline expresses that she writes to draw awareness and that her stories are not always tales of happiness. At any giving chance, Cachline advocates for love and equality. In her spare, Cachline prefers to read, write and paint. It is through reading; she discovered her love for Writing. Currently, Cachline Etienne is a Psychology major at the University of Bahamas. After university, Cachline plans to continue writing throughout her career.

Cachline Etienne


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