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C. A. McGroarty

About The Author

Struggle, Redemption, Second Chance, Faith, Forgiveness...these are the things I write about.


I write stories that provide Inspiration and Hope for my readers. My characters know what it's like to fight for something they believe in, they long for a second chance, they seek redemption and want forgiveness, all the while living life between the edge of reason and failure...sanity and madness.


I write stories about complicated characters with flawed backgrounds. People who have failed or made grave mistakes, yet find the fortitude to get up every day, face their plight and make something of what is left.


I invite you to read my work and in doing so I promise you will always be entertained. My stories provide unique perspective, provoke thought, and ultimately restore people's faith in human beings.

We all take this ride just once...

C. A. McGroarty


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A Return to Normalcy
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