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Barbara Strickland

About The Author

Barbara Strickland is currently living in Townsville in Australia's tropical north. The change from Sydney has allowed the quieter time to concentrate on writing, a lifetime dream. Having a love for travel has inspired a romance series. Combine language, food and culture and you have stories everywhere and that’s exactly what Barbara decided to do. Gather those ingredients and turn them into a series with one small extra addition - some very steamy romance for all ages in her Unexpected Love Series (5 books in all).

She would definitely love to travel again at some stage but is currently happy working on her blog and reading when she can. Japanese poetry is a passion, and she has been published in a number of journals, as well as in her own poetry books (3 books and a boxset).

At some stage she hopes to take up ballroom dancing again and learn a few more languages. Oh, getting a dog and cat when her home allows it, is definitely on the agenda.

Unexpected Obsession (Unexpected Love - Book 1)
Emotions in Eruption
Emotions in Evolution

Emotions in Existence
The Emotions Anthology

Barbara Strickland


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