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Author Corbin Bosiljevac

About The Author

Corbin Bosiljevac is an influential writer and the best-selling author of his debut memoir, "On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices, and Change." His biography reads like a real true crime story that is eye-opening but with the right mix of encouragement and entertainment. The book is available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and featured on many fine book sites in paperback, e-book, nook, and audiobook versions.


Corbin was born and raised in the midwest; having graduated from the University of Kansas, he spent most of his adult life in the Kansas City area. His extensive travels around the United States consisted of outdoor adventures and camping excursions, while his love for nature endures today. He helps and shares hope with others who may have had a similar life detour.


Being able to reform and transform his life to be health-focused, he now works with his father, Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac, in the medical field. They operate New York Health and Longevity and Flint Hills Surgical Associates. With the new health measures put in place during 2020-Covid, they focus on immune-boosting therapies and total body rebooting programs. He continues to reside in the Kansas City area.

Author Corbin Bosiljevac


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