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Amber Higgins

About The Author

I am the founder and author of the Family Disaster Dogs books, blog and lessons. Currently, I have 3 books published and a large 200 page blog that teach people how to prepare for disasters by using over sixty lessons I created to train family dogs how to find missing loved ones and help family or friends in natural disasters. My motto, Our Dogs Can Rescue Us! I also speak at community disaster preparedness events.


I have always loved to write. I have an AA in media communications. Years ago I was contributing editor and writer for a weekly alternative health column in newspapers. I wrote several books and magazine articles on an old royal typewriter. I also write short stories and I have novels in draft.


My short story "A Squirrel Planted an Acorn" is the life of the forest from an oak tree's point of view. From Native Americans and wagon trains passing by under the stately oaks branches to the fear and horror of surviving forest fires. The tree grows close to the family who settled and lived thier lives together for a heartfelt ending. I recently published the audible edition with a wonderful voice actor who brings this story to life in the most amazing way.


Amber Higgins


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