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Alice Duncan

About The Author

Alice Duncan has written many novels under her own name. She’s also written as Emma Craig (her maternal grandmother's maiden name), Rachel Wilson (her mother's middle and maiden names), Anne Robins (her daughters' names), and twice as Jon Sharpe (the fictitious author of the “Trailsman” series). She was born and reared in Pasadena, California. When she was three months old, the family moved to a farm between Kezar Falls and Cornish, Maine. Alice’s father was born in Hartland, Maine, which explains the Maine connection. The only thing Alice remembers from her life back east is her mother telling her never to eat yellow snow. Although her family moved back to California when she was four, many of Alice’s relations still live in Maine.

When California became too expensive for her, Alice moved to Roswell, New Mexico, where her mother’s family settled fifty years before the aliens crashed. Alice and her herd of dachshunds live in a house her uncle built on the property her maternal grandmother bought in 1903. When she lived in California, Alice loved writing books set in the Old West. Now that she lives in New Mexico, she wishes she could return to California. Unfortunately, California is still too expensive for her. Because her two daughters remain there, Alice visits California as often as she can.

When she’s not writing, Alice Duncan rescues wiener dogs. She used to sing, but bronchitis put an end to her singing career in 2018. Kind of like Julie Andrews, only a couple of octaves lower.

Alice Duncan


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