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Alexia Lockhart

About The Author

Alexia Lockhart is a wife and a mother who is also a romantic with a love of reading and writing romance and poetry. And a love of romance and erotica.

Her writings were always kept hidden, a bit like a personal diary.

Only 2 people saw her writings, her best friend who encouraged her to never give up writing, and her husband who is her strength.

The Wildflower Series began by writing the 2nd book in the series.
Wildflower - Becoming His.

Wildflower - becoming his was written as a present for her husband, who encouraged her to share with the public, this then led to the series being developed which explores other genres, as Imogen's life is explored. This led to the prequel, the first book in the series. Becoming Wildflower.

In her younger years, her best friend inspired her and saved her. Although the first book in the series was written as a prequel to give Imogen a backstory.
It was also written to honour a very special man, an angel.

A man who sadly passed before seeing the finished story

Alexia Lockhart


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Becoming Wildflower
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