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Luminita Laflash

About The Author

I was born in Bucharest, Romania, during president Ceausescu's leadership. After a very tumultuous childhood, I got the opportunity to come and work in the United States. Here I met my future husband. Faraway from my land of birth, I started a new life. My marriage didn't turn out well. But life went on, and I didn't get discouraged, so after many years of hard work, I finally took a break and focused on my passion for writing. A wish that I put aside for quite a while because I always focused on my children. I tried to offer them a better life that I didn't have. Moving here from a communist country was not always easy. With hard work and determination, I managed to make it through. I have three children and two grandchildren. As young adults, I am glad they "don't make shadow to earth for nothing."A slogan that my father used to remind my siblings growing up and me. A funny memory: My daughter teases me growing up and still reminds me, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." My answer is that if she is in trouble, she must be the apple from her father's tree.

The House of Spark is my debut novel, inspired by people and events from my own family background. I am dedicating this novel, especially to young adults, to whom I want to unveil some of the things that make Romania such an interesting and unique country. And to learn about the dark period in Romania's history - the communist regime. I am a vivid reader of Agatha Christie's and Barbara Taylor Bradford's books. I also enjoy cooking, knitting, and traveling when I am not writing. I hope readers take away from my story that although life is not always easy, we are stronger with the people who love us.

Luminita Laflash


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Short Stories by the Author

The dream

The dream

It's the 1950 in Romania, after the fall of the Romanian monarch, a time of terror for its citizens. The new communist regime is now in power. Influenced by the Russian government, they implemented the Securitate, a police agency used as an instrument of manipulation and control over the country...

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The House of Spark
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