Alexi Ferreira

Alexi Ferreira

Elemental's Christmas Blast

Elemental's Christmas Blast

Elemental's Christmas Blast

Elemental's MC

“I’m feeling so guilty, I’m sure he knows that we not trying to find Sara.” Nova looks at me and shakes her head.

“That’s just your hormones talking, you want to help them get back together, don’t you?” I sigh in annoyance; it is most probably my hormones talking, this pregnancy must just be over already. I place my hand over my very rounded stomach stroking it soothingly. Two months ago Alaia came to us worried about her twin sister Sara, Sara had just found out that she was pregnant and she didn’t know what to do, since coming to the club that Gunner and her have been an item but he doesn’t acknowledge them as a couple, and treats their relationship more like a fling.  

The problem is that now that she knows that she’s expecting she doesn’t want that type of relationship any longer. The other women and I came together to try and help her and decided that Gunner needs to feel what it’s like without her to know that he’s being a jackass. “He’s just been freaking out, and Draco is starting to lose his patience with him.” 

“This is all his fault, if he had treated his woman right then we wouldn’t have to do what we did.” Nova states. 

“It’s just that he has asked me twice already if I haven’t had any hint at finding her, I just hate lying.” I mutter

Nova leans over the table where we are sitting in the kitchen and takes my hand in hers, “Relax, you not really lying, its true that you haven’t found her because she has never been lost.” She says with a shrug, “And to be honest I don’t have a problem with a little lie, I’m actually looking forward to when Ceric finds out.” Nova quips with a wink. 

“Of course, you are.” Saskia says with a smile as Aria and her walk into the kitchen and she comes to sit next to me. “What is he going to find out?” she asks looking at me with a raised brow.

“That we have concocted this whole business with Sara.” I say

“Oh, why is anyone suspicious?” Aria asks as she picks up a mug from the counter and brings it with her to the table to fill with some of the coffee that Nova percolated earlier. I look at it longingly, I can’t wait to have this kid because the first thing I will do is ask for coffee. 

“Katrina thinks that Gunner suspects.” Nova states as she leans forward to take a slice of cake that Gabriela baked earlier. 

“I think he would have asked you outright already if he suspected.” Saskia states as she too takes a slice of cake, “this is my second slice of cake today, Gabriela is terrible for my figure.” 

“Please, whale over here” I mutter, “you have nothing to worry about, you as skinny now as the day I met you.”

“That’s just because Burkhart makes sure I exercise it all off.” Saskia jokes 

“Oh, is that the noise I hear, you are exercising?” Aria teases just as Alaia walks in.

“I hope there is still some cake left.” She says as she takes a seat next to Aria, “I’ve been waiting to come and get a slice ever since Gabriela mentioned this morning that she was baking.” Since Gabriela started her baking business that we don’t get as much treats as we used to, therefore when she does make something, we all rush to get some before it disappears. Her business has flourished in the last year, bakeries are ordering goods from her and clients are loving it. 

“It’s a good thing that she always bakes double because one cake would never be enough for everyone.” Nova says as she pops the last bite of her cake into her mouth. “Do any of you know when the guys are supposed to be back?” she asks with a frown.

“Not sure, but I think there is trouble brewing because Brandr took his weapons with him.” Aria says with a frown

“I wonder what trouble there could be. Maybe they found the resistance.” Saskia says with a frown. I remember when I first met Draco and what an upheaval everything was at the time. Things have been quiet, calm for at least two years now, except for a small number of Keres that have been able to keep out of our reach. Draco said he wasn’t too bothered with the ones that were out there as they haven’t been able to wrought their evil as they were doing before but I know that he still feels guilty every time we hear of something that happened because of the Keres.

“I would love to know how they manage to keep out of our reach, we haven’t been able to see anything about them.” Aria says with a frown

“I was thinking that maybe they know how we find them and have found a way of blocking our gifts.” Alaia says as she leans back in her chair. “It’s just not normal that we can’t find any trace of them.” 

“Speaking of not finding people, Gunner asked me if I still haven’t found any trace of your sister.” Alaia turns to look at me, “I was telling the girls I think he’s getting suspicious.”

“He has asked me too if I’ve heard from her.” She says, “but I just shrugged, you know I think that even though he isn’t an Elemental by birth he has a lot of traits like our men.”

“That’s for sure, and one of those traits is being a stubborn ass.” Nova mutters, “how is she doing?” she asks which has Alaia looking over her shoulder before answering. 

“I spoke to her this morning; she says that the nausea has gone but she’s starting to miss us.” She shrugs, “I wish he would just stop being so stubborn and admit that he wants her.”

“I don’t understand why he’s being like this, its clear to see that he misses her, and she shouldn’t be away from us especially at a time like this.” Saskia says 

“She is enjoying Sam’s company and he is being absolutely wonderful with her.” Alaia says which has me smiling when I think of Sam. Sam was Nova’s childhood friend but when she became Ceric’s mate Sam became a part of the women’s group much to the men’s displeasure as Sam is eccentric and loves to provoke the men, luckily for him he’s protected by us or by now I’m sure that one of the men would have lost their patience with him already.

“You going to have to ask Sam to come and visit soon or they might suspect as he hasn’t been around for a while.” I say but Nova starts shaking her head at my statement.

“You don’t want that; Sam is the worst at keeping secrets. I promise that if he comes here by the end of the day everyone will know.” Nova comments 

“What will everyone know?” Celmund asks as he walks in which has me tensing, we not ready for Sara to come back yet as we still need to make sure that Gunner is going to take her in as his Old lady before we can let the men know that we are the ones that have been hiding her. 

“You will know after Christmas, don’t want to mess up the surprise, now do you?” Nova says quickly covering the awkward silence. I see Celmund looking at us suspiciously as he approaches the table. 

“Just be good, we have enough trouble at the moment without you making any.” He states as he leans over Saskia’s shoulder to take a slice of cake.

“What is going on, what trouble is there?” I ask and see Celmund shrug

“Nothing for you guys to worry about at the moment,” he says which has me tensing, the moment they start hiding stuff it means that trouble is serious. “I actually came here to tell you that the guys that went out today will only be back tomorrow as they were held up.”

“What?” I ask, since when does Draco get held up and not tell me anything?

“Caelius didn’t say anything about staying away for the night.” Alaia says as she places her mug down. 

“Yeah it was unexpected, but they will be back tomorrow and I’m sure they will contact you later.” He says as he turns and starts making his way back towards the kitchen door. 

“Celmund” I call which has him stopping and look back at me.

“What are you hiding?”

“If there is anything that you need to know we will tell all of you, you know that.” He says as he shakes his head, “Its just business, don’t worry about it.” But that’s the problem, from the day that Draco found out I was expecting that he hasn’t been far, now that I’m as big as a whale and ready to pop he is busy? That just doesn’t make sense and I will make sure to ask him when he phones. 

“There is definitely something up,” I mutter as he walks out

“Yes, there is.” Aria also mutters, “I just hope the problems aren’t starting again,” 

“Well none of us has seen any danger with our men, therefore. . .” Aria is saying as Gunner walks in, a scowl on his face as he walks towards the counter.  “Oh Gunner, I thought you had gone with most of the others.” Aria says

“I was told to stay behind” he mutters which clearly wasn’t to his liking

“Do you know where they went?” he pulls a glass down from the shelf before he turns towards Aria, his scowl still in place as he proceeds to fill his glass with water.

“Yeah” he mutters and then takes a gulp of his water before placing the glass on the counter. Gunner wasn’t born an Elemental; he was a prospect but one day when we were attacked by the Keres he was injured and given Draco’s blood by mistake which changed him. As it is exceedingly rare for any human to accept Elemental blood, the men decided to embrace Gunner into MC as a full brother. Gunner took a long time to adapt to the changes that the new blood in his body transformed him into but with time he has calmed.

Gunner isn’t a full elemental as he can’t bend an element, but he is faster, stronger and more perceptive than a normal human is, he is also more aggressive than he ever was before and that is what has stopped him from accepting Sara into his life, from what she says he has always told her that he can’t make her fully his as he will hurt her one day. 

Bion has examined Gunner thoroughly and has told him that he shouldn’t worry because everything seems normal, but Gunner has held back ever since the day he was changed. I can understand that it can’t be easy for him suddenly having all these extra abilities that he never had before but to not give himself the opportunity to be happy just because he is afraid that one day he will snap when there is no evidence to support his worry is silly in my mind. 

“Would you like some cake?” I ask pointing towards the last two slices on the plate, but he shakes his head. 

“Who else has stayed behind besides you and Celmund?” Saskia asks as she stands to take her mug to the sink. 

“Wulf” Gunner replies as he takes another sip of his water. 

“Well I guess we can have a lady’s night tonight, who wants to do something?” Nova asks as she rubs her hands exaggeratedly. I hear Gunner grunt at her comment but to his credit he doesn’t say anything. 

“What are you thinking?” Alaia asks

“We could all go out and visit Sam.” Nova says with a wink which has me tensing, has she gone mad, if we go to Sam Gunner and Wulf would definitely accompany us as they wouldn’t let us go with the prospects and if Gunner comes with us he will realize that Sara is closer than he thought. 

“No one leaves here until the others come back.” Gunner mutters as he places his glass down and makes his way out of the kitchen without another word, his body tense with pent-up anger.