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The Guardian: A True Cat's Tale



Angels or guardians come in many forms; ones of which we are most familiar with and this tale you’re about to read, is based on a true story; focusing on the most worshiped creature in history...the mysterious feline.

Doris and Isabelle were a mother and daughter; living on their own since Isabelle’s father died when she was five years of age. Since then, it’s been difficult for Doris to raise her daughter but with faith and taking the necessary precautions, they’ve always been safe and felt as such. Faith isn’t always in a higher being, but in yourself.

Isabelle and her mother had always believed that and there’s one evening in particular, that had really confirmed it.

Doris; rescuing animals all of her life since she was a child, had raised Isabelle to do the same, and together, over the years, they had rescued many helpless and innocent creatures; whether they’re cats to birds or even rats and fish. Yes, they’ve had quite a zoo.

It was one evening, on their way home from the store when sitting by the stairs among other cats waiting for their nightly feeding, leading up to their apartment, was a cat; a beautiful gray Nebelung. She definitely stood out of place from the others; her eyes...her beautiful greenish-yellow eyes stared into our souls. When new cats arrived at their door, Doris and Isabelle took it slow, knowing these felines were terrified of the contact, not knowing if the humans would harm them or not. Doris and Isabelle respected that and they’ve been feeding the cats for 4 years. Things take time; whether it’s days or years.

Weeks passed and every night, this Nebelung arrived at their door; never touching the food left out for the other felines. Maybe she ate somewhere else, since other neighbors had left food out as well for the community’s strays. This strange feline sat beneath the patio chairs on their private balcony, staring at the humans before her.

Isabelle terribly wanted to reach out and pet the animal but knew not to push the trust growing between them. So nodding her head, she poured fresh water into the large bowl where the other cats hungered for and it was then, the cat took the chance; running toward Isabelle’s hands, rubbing her clean fur against Isabelle’s hand. Unsure if this was a one time thing, Isabelle slowly petted the cats head reaching down to scratch the neck; hard purrs vibrating in her throat.

Isabelle smiled, pleased to see the cat trusted them enough for the human contact and it didn’t stop there...not that night. Isabelle stood after the cats had run off due to too much commotion and began heading inside when the Nebelung rubbed across her ankles, continuing to purr. Smiling, Isabelle opened the front door softly calling inside for her mother, urging her to come to the entry. Standing before her daughter, Doris watched as the cat slowly entered; cautiously glancing around at the interior surroundings. There were 4 other cats that resided in the home; all staring in the Nebelung’s direction in curiosity and agitation with the typical territorial hisses and growls.

Doris and Isabelle smiled for the feline entered their home on its own; never wanting to leave after that evening. Becoming part of their family, they had groomed her and named her...C.C. She grew accustomed to the other animals in the household; becoming the most docile feline, as well as the affection her humans showered her with. She would fuss, placing her furry paws on their face, not wanting much more but enough is never enough.

Doris and Isabelle had welcomed her eagerly and over time, they began to take notice of CC’s strange behavior. Every cat likes to meow, roaming around his or her territory but since when do cats meow in place, staring upward as if a figure stood before them? Cats do crazy things yes, but this wasn’t typical feline behavior and they have had different cats with different personalities. Upon realizing her new humans had discovered her moments, CC would turn her head slowly to look upon them; eyes glowing in a eerie manner. It wasn’t due to a reflection cast by a light or natural nocturnal glare of her eyes. She meowed before running off into the other room. Doris and Isabelle shook it off, but had a strange feeling there was something there; an energy left behind.

Time passed; CC’s behavior becoming a normal routine for her humans and it was one evening while they slept, when she entered their bedrooms, jumping on their beds. She meowed and pawed, waking her humans for there was a disturbance in their home they were unaware of. This behavior continued until Doris and Isabelle were fully wakened to hear the sound of someone picking the lock of their front door. Cautiously exiting from their rooms entering the hallway, the intruder had broken the chain from its place in the wall; standing in the entry of their apartment. Peeking around the corner before they could dial 911, CC ran past their feet and jumped on the intruder; a hooded man with his face covered with a black scarf. Hissing, growling and scratching at the man’s face, CC knocked the man to the ground allowing Doris and Isabelle the chance to grab their phone, frantically and immediately dialing 911.

Their other cats scattered about, hiding away in the bedrooms beneath their beds. Cowards, they were.

As the man laid there, moaning from the discomfort of the attack, he grabbed at his eyes that were apparently gouged out from claws. Or so it seemed from Doris and Isabelle’s point-of-view. Plus the fact he kept screaming out in terror, “My eyes!”

CC sat at Doris’ feet before she knelt down, picking up the feline. Holding her in her arms, they made sure she was unharmed but noticed blood splatters on her paws and whiskers. Doris commented in wonderment, of how CC’s claws grew so quickly and lengthier overnight, like tiny little daggers, for during the previous day, they had groomed her once more; cutting her claws. Isabelle stood in wonderment as well for there was nothing to say for she was the one who had trimmed the nails.

The police arrived and once the intruder was removed from their home with bandaged eyes and statements were given, Doris and Isabelle sat CC on the couch, watching as she sat in place; tail wrapping around her legs in an elegant twirl. It was then, before either Doris or Isabelle could speak, CC’s eyes had begun their unusual glow but slightly brighter in a supernatural manner before fading quickly.

The mother and daughter sat there in astonishment, for maybe this was CC’s way of rejoicing in her thwart of endangerment. Before they could reach out and pet the feline, she rapidly scampered from the couch, returning to the bedrooms. Once making sure their door was securely locked, and braced with a heavy item, Doris and Isabelle as well, returned to their slumber.

CC roamed the apartment watching as the other cats slept or cowered away from her presence. She flicked her tail, meowing at one of the males who grew brave enough to approach her. Sniffing noses, CC pawed at the male as if uninterested in his intentions and once the cat hid away, CC walked toward the patio doors; her eyes attentively staring through the blinds. A bright glow illuminated the enclosed space, holding no effect on the cats eyes, before immediately fading. CC sniffed at the glass then turned away, returning to the bedrooms.

Back and forth she went; purring, meowing and nudging her head against their hands for attention. Doris was her last visit as she woke to find the feline sitting at her feet. Thinking maybe there was another intruder alert, she stared at the cats eyes that once again, took on the magical and mysterious glow. Being a practicing wiccan, Doris believed that was the reason CC appeared to her this night. Reaching out petting the felines’ soft fur, it was then she felt a connection; much stronger than just the average human-to-pet bond. It wasn’t words per say but strong emotions that formed a thought and understanding that only Doris could interpret.

CC was sent to Doris and her daughter for the intent of protection for if it weren’t for this mysterious feline, the intruder would’ve harmed the mother and daughter.

Doris grew tears feeling intense emotions at that moment for she knew CC was grateful and appreciative of the kind love and care she was given. Doris somehow knew then, little CC would not be with them a moment longer than needed.

CC stood; her tail flicking slowly before turning away, jumping off of Doris’ bed of whom watched the cat stroll down the hall. Doris threw back her blanket, calling out for Isabelle who came at her mother’s pleading tone. Together they lingered in the hall where they observed faint glowing paw prints across the surface of their carpet leading out into the living room. Knowing this was on a much grander scale than they realized, they followed the prints where there stood CC, before the glass patio doors.

Giving them one last purr-meow, CC walked in a circle with her tail held high as if saying farewell. She then walked through the glass, disappearing completely before turning into a magical swirl of energy that returned to its natural place.

Doris and Isabelle ran to the glass doors peeking through the blinds where the light had vanished. They cried and called out her name to come back but nothing happened. The feline was sent for a reason and that was fulfilled as they soon found out later on from the police, that the intruder was a convicted rapist and murderer who skipped his bail hearing.

Doris and Isabelle continued their hopes that CC would return; always keeping a watchful eye on the new cats that gathered around their apartment but never saw a cat that looked like their beloved CC.

Everyone has guardian angels...coming to a person in their most vulnerable time.

And CC...came at theirs 🐾

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