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K. M. Doherty's Story

K. M. Doherty

As the two elven boys walked deeper into the canyon, the pair passed through slivers of light into the long, dark shadows cast by the tall stone columns which nearly filled the canyon.

     “These statues’re creepy,” said Chatur, gazing up at the massive stone figures towing above them. “Like trolls, only uglier.”

     “They’re too tall for trolls, dummy,” chuffed Malak. “Besides, they ain’t stones they’re pillars. Everyone knows that.”

     Chatur rapped his fist against the nearest one. It made a deep thump. “Feels like stone.”

     “Sounds like it’s hollow, n’ filled with water. Like a giant water pillar.”

     Chatur adopted a serious look and in a deep booming voice bellowed, “PILLARS OF THE GIANT WATER PILLARS!”

     “That’s redundant,” said Malak.

     “Is not!”

     “Is so!”

     Chatur frowned. “What’s redundant mean?”

     “It’s dwarvish for—Chatur’s an idiot.”

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