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Young Davy Crockett: The Wild Frontier with Dinosaurs

Young Davy Crockett: The Wild Frontier with Dinosaurs

Book One in the History vs. Pre-history Series


Kevin James Breaux


Action and Adventure, Thriller, Teen and Young Adult, Western, Historical, Suspense, Fiction

Publish Date

February 23, 2022

Short Description

Young Davy Crockett may be a skilled and savvy hunter, but he has never faced prehistoric beasts before.


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When young Davy Crockett returns home after a long absence, he finds that many of his town’s hunters have gone missing. Being a skilled hunter himself, Davy knows that the only time hunters disappear is when they are being hunted by something more skilled than them. Making it his responsibility to find out what’s happening, Davy searches the local forests, but what he discovers is something he has never encountered before: dinosaurs.

In YOUNG DAVY CROCKETT: THE WILD FRONTIER WITH DINOSAURS, a nearly fourteen-year-old Davy Crockett is tested by his angry and often drunk father, his brothers, the wilds, and some mysterious goings-on. Somehow, prehistoric beasts are appearing in the forests of Holston Valley, threatening Davy’s family and his way of life. Curious to a fault, Davy seeks answers and attempts to hunt them…a creature no hunter has ever faced before.

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Kevin James Breaux

Kevin James Breaux


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