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Witches II: Apocalypse

Witches II: Apocalypse


Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Horror, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Thriller

Publish Date

September 27, 2017

Short Description

The earth's good white witches are being mysteriously killed off one by one, the witches that protect humans, and a great evil is arising in the world. So the elite white magic Guardians have to defend humanity - once again.


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The world is threatened by the anti-Christ named Reuben, a son of Satan, who is destined by prophecy to bring the end of the world by destroying everyone and everything good – including all the white witches. Unless he can be stopped. (Moses Blake….one of his followers?)

The Guardians (a secret society of the world’s strongest and best good witches and warlocks who protect others of their kind and the world from serious harm) along with a powerful white witch called Amanda Givens and her daughter, Lizzy, the book’s main characters; her sister, Rebecca; Rebecca’s warlock husband, Simon; and a mysterious ex-priest and warlock Ethan Strauss (who will become Amanda’s new love interest–and is protector of Jenny Carpenter…the new savior, daughter of God, and the sworn enemy of Reuben) prepare to battle the Anti-Christ and his followers to save the world.

Amanda has a ten year old witch-child named Elizabeth, Lizzy for short, who was conceived in a distant past on one of Amanda’s earlier missions. Lizzy, Amanda knows, is fated to someday become one of the world’s most powerful witches, a sort of protector to Jenny Carpenter. If she lives. If the world survives. And Amanda is torn between protecting her daughter and her duty as a Guardian when she learns they must all fight, even Lizzy.

The Guardians (along with Amanda, Rebecca, Simon, Ethan…and Lizzy) must change the outcome of the prophesied end times, aid the daughter of God, Jenny, and help the people of the world to resist the powerful forces that the times are creating. There are renegade spirits, and evil soulless, demons and black witches and warlocks trying to destroy humanity and combine earth with hell. There is a strange power, a plague, sapping the life from white witches and warlocks and killing them across the planet; all sorts of bizarre happenings around the globe. Restless ghosts are multiplying and the soulless are attempting to bring further destruction to man. These two fractions of good and evil will be brought together for one battle after another…thoughout the novel…though the final battle will not be waged necessarily by the end of the book. It could be ongoing.

In the midst of all this we have Amanda Givens and her daughter, Lizzy (whose familiar/protector is a ghost), who in the beginning are trying to live normal lives in the town of Canaan. This story is small-town character driven at first…it is these people and their humanness as they fight and combine their supernatural powers and their calling into their everyday lives that make this book. They’re witches, but also human beings who crave what all of us do, contentment, purpose and peace. They have dreams and wants, they love and hate…they just happen to have magical powers and the world’s humanity in their care.

And they must fight with all their strength to save the world and the lives they love.

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Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Kathryn Meyer Griffith


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