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Wise, Bold Eagle

Wise, Bold Eagle

#5 Birds in Peril Series


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Women, Suspense

Publish Date

December 27, 2022

Short Description

Sylvia Pentherst is the fifth woman to marry into the Hunt-Harvester-Cromwell group. A widow in her mid-fifties, she survived years of hardship caring for her invalid husband and raising her three sons. Her now-seemingly-settled life takes a turn toward unpredictable when she leaves the comfort of managing County Hospital Housekeeping for the chaos of opening and maintaining two novelty shops along with Lisa, Jani, Susie and Stephanie. Is it really possible to find that second chance at love with Thad Hunt?


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The romance of Sylvia Pentherst and Thad Hunt is the primary subject of Wise, Bold Eagle. However, they are both drawn into the center of the drama when Lisa’s father, Benton Cromwell, declares his wish to sell the Cromwell Family ancestral homestead. Lisa has fond childhood memories of the place, despite the fact that Sheldon Humsler was living there when he was arrested. She does not want to sell, but follows her father’s wish that she immediately clear the house of everything valuable. Sylvia has developed strong and enduring relationships with all of ‘her girls’, but especially Lisa: so, when Lisa requests her help, Sylvia agrees. Chaos ensues when the Hunt-Harvester women and all of their Hunt-Harvester men gather at the ancestral homestead the same day Sheldon Humsler breaks out of prison. Sheldon would rather seek revenge than grab his one chance at escaping the country.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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