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The Unfakeable Code®

The Unfakeable Code®

Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms


Tony Jeton Selimi


Nonfiction, Business / Economics, Body / Mind and Spirit, How To, Self-Help

Publish Date

April 15, 2021

Short Description

The Unfakeable Code® Book is a journey of self-discovery that shows you the path to unlimited growth, success and wealth. This book will help you get out of your head and into your heart to lead yourself to a successful personal, relationship, career, business, social and financial empowerment journey. Whether you're at the starting point or continue to live in someone else's ideas about what your life should be, this book will break through your limitations and provide clarity on how to achieve your goals and dreams. Learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful, more authentic and successful way of living, leading and loving.


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The Winner

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Learn how to take off the masks that conceal the power of your authentic true self, be more objective, and lead authentically and live freely on your terms.


Now, you can learn how to raise your word influence, power, and purpose to a whole new level with the power of your authentic self. The book contains a robust five-step methodology to help you reinvent your life and become the master of your destiny.


This book reveals the secrets behind Tony’s global client’s phenomenal achievements, personal growth and business success as an internationally recognized award-winning author, transformational life and business coach, speaker and trainer specializing in human behaviour and maximizing human potential. This Literary Titan Silver and Book Excellence Award winner book shares some of the rules where people can come back into authentic living, leading, and loving, where old wounds can be healed, and masks can be unveiled. A compelling guide to help anyone return to living authentically by learning the antidote to ‘living with a mask and fake-it-till-you-make-it culture.


Step forward a fresh new way to:


· Free Yourself From Doubts and Judgement and Learn To Be Comfortable In Your Skin

· Stop being a people-pleaser and learn to use your emotions intelligently

· Be confident, be bold, lead a more harmonic life and heal those old emotional wounds.

· Manage Negative Self-Talk (and Turn Fear Into a Powerful Motivator)

· Clear and practical step-by-step advice that anyone can use to build a better lifestyle.

· Five life-enhancing principles anyone struggling, particularly post-pandemic, can use to re-learn how to be their authentic self and become bold enough to try new things.

· Harmonize body-mind-heart intelligence to deal with any form of anxiety, conflict, or stress, and wilfully create an inspired destiny.

· Infuse Your Life With a Limitless Sense of Freedom and Untapped Potential. And More!


This Amazon bestseller in four categories also was awarded the Silver Winner of Literary Book Award, USA Book, Book Excellence, Top Shelf Magazine and Maincreast Media Book Award in the following non-fiction categories: Business/Finance, Personal Growth and Development, General, Self Improvement, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Entrepreneurship, New Age, and Business and Leadership.

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Tony Jeton Selimi

Tony Jeton Selimi


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