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The Siren's Sister

The Siren's Sister



Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

June 6, 2022

Short Description

A graduate student is drawn into an adventure to another world she never dreamed existed. Deandra discovers things about her past and the person she is destined to become. Impossible fantasies become her new reality as she battles with unseen forces and enemies she has never met. Ultimately, she must choose which fate to embrace. All she wanted was to return to the safety of her previous life until she makes new friends and follows her heart in a different direction.


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Deandra begins her journey as an ordinary graduate student who does a simple favor for a friend and finds herself suddenly transported to the magical realm of Syl. She and a dog named Sayde are plunged through a portal to escape mortal danger, leaving their world far behind.

The land of Sly is filled with mythical creatures Deandra thought only lived in fairy tales. Powerful unseen forces plague her very existence. Could it really be coincidence? Centaurs and elves aid her, but Deandra faces many dangers in this strange new land.

Deandra undergoes several transformations along the way as she discovers her royal heritage and true connection to Syl. She forms an unlikely friendship with a dragon named Slag and makes many more alliances on her fantastic journey. After Slag is wounded in defending Deandra, she must journey deep into the Ghost Jungle and enlist the help of a mysterious witch, Druzulu. It seems everyone has been keeping secrets and Deandra is determined to discover the truth, starting with who her real mother and father may be.

Her quest to return home to her previous world is slowly transplanted with the desire to find her missing mother and bring justice to the evil sorceress responsible for the disappearance. Deandra tries to deny her feelings for a certain centaur she is falling in love with, but Artoros refuses to leave her side no matter what dangers they encounter.

Deandra must learn to fight in the arena at Rimspar alongside her father and his mercenary friends to become a true warrior princess and fulfill her destiny. She fears Artoros may not love the creature she is becoming.

Navigating her way through treachery and deception, it will take every ounce of courage she can muster to go up against her mortal enemy. Deandra nurtures the inner strength needed to conquer the enemies of the crown and is determined to die trying. If she survives, will she ever be able to return to her old life? Would she ever want to leave Syl which is finally beginning to feel like home?

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