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The Secret: Eat more, Lose More

The Secret: Eat more, Lose More


Donna Wilson


Nonfiction, Cooking, How To, Health and Fitness

Publish Date

November 23, 2019

Short Description

The Secret: Eat More, Lose More”

“How exactly do you do that?” her friend asked. “You just do it,” I responded.



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Weight loss isn’t one of the things that we as humans need to stress over. We consciously go over calories, fats, carbs, and protein amounts in our head before purchasing any item. Throughout the day is more stress and takes away so much of our self-deserving freedom.

I wrote The Secret, do to big corporations and public figures always influencing some “diet.”


Diets are NOT the way to go, ever. In order to really live that life you deserve you must promise me one thing, STOP overthinking.

I wrote this short guide which can be read in 15-30 minutes for people on the go. Why? because people tend to overthink, You hear about this great new book or new study and think to yourself, “I should read this one day.” Weeks to months later you finally do it and get satisfaction as you felt like you learned a lot.

Only one major thing, nothing has changed. You are still stressing, still going over macros, and still rejecting any offer or invite with your friends to go out. I understand I went through the same path. So do yourself a favor. Purchase this quick and easy book, sit down, take a deep breath, and read. Simply just read. You will be so glad that you read my book to the point you’ll think it was the best 30-minutes you’ve spent in a long time. If this book helps you in any way as it helped me, give a positive review, and share it with your friends. Once you know The Secret, you will have freedom for the rest of your life.
-Donna L Wilson

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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson


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