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The Other Side: Secrets

The Other Side: Secrets


O'Jay Barr


Fiction, Contemporary, Erotic, Drama, Romance

Publish Date

June 1, 2021

Short Description

The first book in the well-received, lesbian dramatic romance series “The Other Side”. “Secrets” is the beginning of the drama, the romance, and the steam that has fans begging for more! Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat waiting for Samantha to finally make a decision.


The Winner

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Samantha had a great but ordinary life, not complex at all. She had a good job, amazing friends and family plus a boyfriend that most women prayed for. She knew exactly what she wanted. That was until she started having dreams and feelings about someone that wasn't her boyfriend or in fact a boy at all. With the support of her twin sister, Jo, she explores her feelings and turns everybody's life upside down. Will her selfish secrets ruin the relationships of everyone around her? Come along for the ride with Samantha and her journey to The Other Side.

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O'Jay Barr

O'Jay Barr


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