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Secrets of Willow Springs: Book 1

Secrets of Willow Springs: Book 1

The Amish of Lawrence County


Tracy Fredrychowski


Fiction, Women, Religious, Suspense

Publish Date

June 1, 2020

Short Description

Secrets from the past come to light in this Amish Fiction Book. Her family’s hidden history could destroy her. Will forgiveness set their future free?



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Emma Byler can’t wait for her sixteenth birthday and to experience a taste of freedom. With her Amish Rumspringa relaxing some of her usual restrictions, she’s desperate to spend time with a special boy. But she fears tensions at home and her father’s increasingly short-temper could make him pull back the reins.

Sixteen years ago, Jacob Byler made a promise. But as his daughter’s celebration draws near, he dreads the emotional upheaval she’ll go through when she learns the truth. And all he can do is pray that God will grant him the courage he needs to come clean.


As Emma tries to deal with her father’s worsening behavior, she’s forced to keep her own confidences. And Jacob reaches the breaking point when his son befriends a youth who could topple the whole house of cards.


Will honesty shatter the close-knit family, or will their faith help them open their hearts?


Secrets of Willow Springs is the first book in the captivating Amish of Lawrence County family drama series. If you like detailed accounts of traditional life, complex relationships, and stunning twists, then you’ll love Tracy Fredrychowski’s enthralling tale.

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Tracy Fredrychowski

Tracy Fredrychowski


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