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Scrooge and Cratchit, Detectives

Scrooge and Cratchit, Detectives

The Dark Malevolence


Curt Locklear


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Historical, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Dark, Suspense

Publish Date

October 5, 2021

Short Description

Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and their junior officer of the firm, Lockie (who is also an accomplished pickpocket and burglar), along with the help of a new, handsome bobbie, Officer Hart, must solve 4 CRIMES (count them. Four!) simultaneously, or London will collapse into civil war.

When a mysterious chain of murders and attacks strike London, the intrepid trio teams up with the Metropolitan police (bobbies) to investigate. Just as evidence is falling into place, Scrooge is again visited by the ghost of JACOB MARLEY. But Marley's ghost is accompanied by something far more sinister, Just behind the desk, what is that thing?


The detectives and police are faced with murder, kidnappings, and a pack of half-men, half-dogs prowling through London. Can they discover the underground scheme? They must work together to find the thread that binds these crimes together, stop the criminals, and perhaps put an end to the DARK MALEVOLENCE.


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5 STAR Professional Review - From the outset, I found myself immediately being transported to Victorian London. The descriptionf of the stovepipe hats, the pipe smoking, the wintery storm, and the description of the pub that the two detectives visit early on all serve to instantly transport the reader and immerse you in that world. I could not put the book down. Bravo, Mr. Locklear, Dickens would be proud!

PLOT Scrooge and Cratchit, after solving the notorious Cornwall tin mine mystery have decided to add "Detectives" to their busines of loaning to people. Immediately, a beautiful young wife comes to them believing something horrid has happened to her husband. Just outside Scrooge's window, is a foul character listening.

When Lockie confronts the man, he shoots at Lockie, then acts like a dog and runs off. When Scrooge and Cratchit journey to the couple's home, they find the husband apparently dead. The gruff chief police inspector, Shamus Shackle, arrives. Later, that same inspector accuses Lockie of the murder and has him locked up.

Only when Cratchit and their excellent lawyer friend, Abel Leggitt, arrive is Lockie freed. Now the real crime-solving begins. Another man is murdered by a dog-man. Babies and young children are being sold on the black market, Scrooge's dear dwarf friend, Bobbie Wheeler, has had his daughter kidnapped.

The crimes and mysteries keep piling up. Scrooge encounters the DARK MALEVOLENCE in full force. What could possibly save him?

Lockie and his love of his life, the highly intelligent scientist, Lucy Tamperwind, get married. What vile events confront the couple? The plot twists abound.

Utilizing considerable Victorian era banter and words, the tale explodes in a powerful climax.

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Curt Locklear

Curt Locklear


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