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Scar's Secret

Scar's Secret

Demon Dawgs MC San Diego - Book Three


K.L. Barstow


Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

March 31, 2022

Short Description

As a medic with the Marines, I’ve patched up my fair share of injuries. But never has saving a life meant as much to me as saving Caitlin Chambers. She’s a fighter inside a fragile body. I can’t keep my feelings for her a secret, unfortunately it isn’t the only secret I have.


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I feel drawn to Caitlin the day we found her broken body outside our clubhouse. I helped heal her and in doing so, found the one woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I have a secret. One that will keep me from marrying the woman I love. Before you think ill of me, I have a good reason for what I’ve done…



My path to finding Scar is not one filled with happiness and laughter. No, my way to him only holds pain and despair. When an attack leaves me close to death, Scar is the one who heals me. He wears his violent past on his face and body. Scars left by our country’s enemies. I don’t care about those. I only care about the man. He’s my sexy biker. He has his secrets. I have secrets of my own…

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K.L. Barstow

K.L. Barstow


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