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Roxy's Betrayal

Roxy's Betrayal

The Harrell Family Chronicles


Sherri Lupton Hollister


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Contemporary, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Women, Dark, Drama

Publish Date

February 6, 2021

Short Description

Roxy is no one's idea of a hero but she is their only hope. She will have to betray them to save them but who will rescue her?


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Roxy is no one’s idea of a hero but she is their only hope. Faced with an impossible decision, Roxy knows she’ll have to betray someone she cares about in order to save another.

To her family she is the spoiled youngest daughter, a screw up and a bit of a con artist. To those who knew her growing up, she was the other Harrell sister. If she was lucky, they would call her the pretty one or the talented one, but mostly they just called her the fast one. She was voted most likely to steal your boyfriend by the girls in her high school graduating class. The boys just remembered her bra size.

She couldn’t leave Leeward fast enough. With dreams of being a big Hollywood star, she headed west, but only made it as far as Vegas. Big chested blonde singers were a dime a dozen in Vegas.

When her boyfriend, Joey, was put in charge of a new cruise ship casino sailing out of Savannah, he promised to make her the headliner of his new casino nightclub. This was her chance of a lifetime.

Meeting her sister’s daughter changes everything for Roxy. When she is threatened, Roxy must tap into her acting skills and convince everyone she is the self-centered diva they all believe her to be. If not, she could lose her niece to sex traffickers.

Her mission is in jeopardy when she falls for her brother’s client, a man accused of murder.

Jorge Claudio joined the Leeward Police force to give his fellow Mexicanos an advocate. When his sister and cousin are abducted, he becomes a man accused of murder. He must face the fact that he’s not the man he’d thought himself to be.

Only Roxanne Harrell can make him feel like the hero he dreamed he’d be. When he realizes she is in danger and has gone to face the same crime cartel who abducted his family, he has no choice but try to rescue her. But who will rescue whom as these two lovers battle enemies and their attraction for each other?

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Sherri Lupton Hollister

Sherri Lupton Hollister


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