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Princess Caroline's Adventures

Princess Caroline's Adventures

The Hunt for the Jeweled Swords (Book 3)


Anne Fifield


Children's Books, Mystery, Fiction, Police / Detective

Publish Date

November 6, 2020

Short Description

Hey Kids, what adventures await Princess Caroline this time? A friend of the twins asks Caroline to explore Gunner’s Inn...



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A friend of the twins asks Caroline to explore Gunner’s Inn. There are rumors Grandpa Gunner is being imprisoned in his own home. The current caretakers of the inn aren’t allowing his family or anyone else to see him.


However, they can’t say no to the Princess. Caroline and the twins embark on a mission to find Grandpa Gunner and his valuable jeweled swords before the caretakers can betray him. How will it all end?


Praise for Princess Caroline’s Adventures: “The author, Anne Fifield, has such a love for Bassets, and it comes through beautifully in her writing. We hope her next book comes out soon. We couldn’t put this one down.” ~ Julie D.

“This book is wonderful. We bought it for our 6 -year-old daughter, and she can’t get enough of it. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any parents out there and lovers of hounds..” ~ Joshua K. “

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Anne Fifield

Anne Fifield


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