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OK, God, Let's Start From Here

OK, God, Let's Start From Here


Tricia Draper


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help, Family and Relationships, Guide

Publish Date

January 3, 2019

Short Description

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life? Do you have more questions than answers about God? This book will help you find a new or renewed realtionship with God. There are easy-to-read chapters with humor and joy in each one. They can be read in any order, depending on what you are curious about. We are never too far away from God. He is always ready to accept us with open arms. Find more access to God in these pages.


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“OK, God, Let's Start From Here” is a thrilling read about how to know God better. With God breathed words, scripture, and everyday life lessons from the author, the reader will experience more of God in their lives. This book is dedicated to all audiences. Mature believers in Christ learn and remember ideas from Him. The person who has yet to accept Jesus as their Savior will understand more about who He is and the plans He has for their life. With lessons about how to have a relationship with God, asking Him anything, and having true joy, this book teaches the reader who they are and what they have in Christ. There is never a place we can go where God is not with us. He is always willing to meet us where we are. Whether we have fallen behind in our relationship with Him, or have never had one, we can always start from the place we are. He is never far away. God loves us individually. There is no cookie-cutter way to have one-on-one intimacy with Him. We all experience God differently. That is His plan. Reading this book helps grasp this concept on a new level.

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Tricia Draper

Tricia Draper


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