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Mind Blast; Got Stuck? Again?

Mind Blast; Got Stuck? Again?

Strategies, Habits & Life Hacks to Pursue Happiness and Boost Personal Growth


Lev Mikulitski


Nonfiction, How To, Self-Help

Publish Date

July 31, 2023

Short Description

Trapped in life's relentless grasp, do you ever feel the ground beneath you shifting, throwing you off balance? Are you marching to the beat of monotony, desperately yearning for a ray of hope?
Dive into "Mind Blast," a beacon for those stormy nights of the soul. Penned by Lev Mikulitski, a seasoned Strategic Business Expert, this tome unravels the dramatic narrative of a man who once stood at the precipice of despair, staring into the abyss, and how he devised unparalleled strategies to alter the course of his life.
Ever viewed life as an intricate chess game? Can you foresee your board 15 moves from now? If shadows of uncertainty cloud your vision, then this book is destined for your hands.
Embark on this riveting journey. Allow "Mind Blast" to be your compass in the intricate chess game of life, steering you to victory, purpose, and unparalleled fulfillment. If strategizing your next 15 moves – and beyond – is your aspiration, your search ends here.


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Do you ever feel like there's more to life? Do you find yourself yearning for guidance on the next steps to take? Are you ready to break free from the grip of stagnation and start embracing a fulfilling and joyful life? If so, you're not alone.

Welcome to "Mind Blast" – a treasure trove of secrets designed to empower you in building a life that not only excites and fulfills you, but one that you can be truly proud of. Regardless of who you are or how far you've come, whether you're a seasoned professional at the pinnacle of your career or a student pondering the direction to pursue, we all encounter moments when life throws us off balance. It happens suddenly, catching us off guard, and breaking free from it can prove challenging.

Feeling stuck? Again? It's okay; most of us have experienced it. That's precisely why I'm sharing this book with you. Being stuck can manifest after the end of a relationship, within a stifling job that offers familiarity at the cost of suffocation, upon realizing that your skills are no longer relevant, or even when you feel disconnected from your social environment. It can arise from an emotional disconnection with your children, financial difficulties, a series of failures, and it can leave you feeling utterly defeated.

During such times, it's crucial to rely on our inner reservoirs of strength, strategic decision-making, emotional stability, and reasoning. Ironically, it's precisely at these moments when we struggle the most to remember how to tap into these resources. That's when reaching for your copy of "Mind Blast" becomes essential!

My name is Lev Mikulitski, and I'm a Strategic Business Expert who once hit a seemingly insurmountable brick wall, experienced being stuck, and had to leverage everything I knew about strategy to transform my life into something truly worthwhile once again. I've developed a powerful arsenal of strategic tools capable of turning any adversity that life hurls your way into a mere hiccup on your journey to success and happiness. It's my deep conviction that these tools can make a profound difference in your life too. Over the years, when reality changed, and once again the forces of the world dictated a reality that pushed me into a corner, I managed time and time again to detach myself from the outbursts and return to the circle of growth. The tools have proven to be durable over time.

So, join me on this transformative journey. Let "Mind Blast" be your guiding light, illuminating the path to unlocking your true potential, overcoming obstacles, and embracing a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

The book is divided into six phases that the reader will progress through, each accompanied by an effective chess game metaphor inspired by top-world performers.

PHASE 1 – The King and the Art of Asking Questions
PHASE 2 – The Queen and the Need for Self-Calibration
PHASE 3 – The Knight and Circles of Inspiration
PHASE 4 – The Bishop and the Magic of a Creative Mind
PHASE 5 – The Castle and the Celebration of Life
PHASE 6 – The Pawn and the Urgency of Taking Action


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Lev Mikulitski

Lev Mikulitski


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