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Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life

Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life


Diane Kurtz Calabrese


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Education, Guide, How To, Health and Fitness, Self-Help, Sport and Leisure

Publish Date

September 15, 2021

Short Description

This is a self help book offering a variety of holistic healing modalities to learn about to foster relaxation and to help realign your chakras to their natural state of vibration.


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The purpose of this book is offering every one of you who reads it the opportunity of having a clearer perspective of life-God’s greatest gift. Life really is a miracle, and it is so easy to take that for granted. You are not here by chance; I can assure you that. You are God’s miracle, not by luck or chance, but by purpose.

Each and every one of us are here for a divine reason. We are equally gifted by Jesus Christ our life force energy, by God. We are unique in our physical appearance as well as our spiritual essence. We have one soul that is on a journey to learn what it is like to live on the earth plane. And this is the earth school. We are here for a very short period of time. Don’t leave here not recognizing what it is you came here for.

In this book I would like to mentor you on how to utilize holistic healing modalities in your life to help you cope, to help reduce anxiety and stress with life’s struggles. We are not in this alone. Whether you are rich or poor, have sickness or in good health, no matter what up bringing or childhood experiences you’ve endured-you are not alone. You have never been alone. We have to remember we are all children of God. We have unique personal experiences and encounters in life, but we all came from the same universal life force energy and that is God.


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Diane Kurtz Calabrese

Diane Kurtz Calabrese


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