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Miller's View

Miller's View

A Trilogy


Marlene Potts


Fiction, Crime, Dark, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Suspense

Publish Date

August 16, 2022

Short Description


This brilliant and fresh edition combines the first three of seven books. The life and career of the young Detective Jonathan Miller is entangeled in the bizarre crimes of the residents of Hammond, Louisiana. He is engulfed in a culture he knows little about due to the careful sheltering of his mother. Only later to find out she was a student and practitioner of the dark arts.




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In the town ofHammond Louisiana, a yound detective, an unidentified body and a string of bizarre events are interlocked.

Jonathan Miller, the youngest officer to make detective, discovers that some of Hammond’s residents are more deeply involved in obscure behavior than he would have ever imagined. He also uncovers the dark secrets of his own family.


Once introduced, he finds a connection to that world and it leads him to the love of his life. Follow Jonathan as he unlocks the ugly mysteries of Hammond and unexpectedly finds the first good thing to come along in his lifetime.

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Marlene Potts

Marlene Potts


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