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Last Light Falling - The Ten, Book III

Last Light Falling - The Ten, Book III


J.E. Plemons


Fiction, Apocalyptic, Dark, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller, Teen and Young Adult, Religious, Science Fiction

Publish Date

March 11, 2017

Short Description

In this third installment of the Last Light Falling series, tragedy strikes again and it may be too late to survive. America is left behind to wither, but what's brewing overseas proves to be much worse. Arena's heroic efforts to rescue her brother in a Cairo prison may come at a cost, but she refuses to give up as she fights to lead her group to Jerusalem where it's safe. While the rest of the world unites, Israel stands alone in a fight to survive a political battle among ten nations, who are forced to fall under the reigns to the Russian Tyrant, Gorshkov. This relentless push to continue the new world order forward may bring Israel to its knees, but Arena's fight to move on could staunch its momentum.


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A nation has fallen only to give rise to another. Arena struggles to find peace until she can find her brother, who has fallen into the hands of Russian operatives in Cairo. America is no more, but the resilience of a new fellowship must endure the worst to come if they are to survive this war.


A new world order, headed by Russia's leader, spells doom for Israeli's rebellious refusal to join. The last ten sustainable nations are forced to unite in efforts to rise above an economic cataclysm. While conflict brews, an army of incomprehensible magnitude is being assembled to thwart the Jewish state. Though the fate of Israel is in peril, Arena's presence will be the key to its stand, but she must lead her friends through plagued cities and across the torturous desert to reach Jerusalem, the only safe place left.


The Ten gives us a small look into a tragic future that may be possible. In this thrilling installment of the Last Light Falling series, J.E. Plemons creates a world antonymous of the world we live in today, but eerily close to what it may become. The story continues with Arena fighting her way against evil to survive. While the world hovers in the hands of a menacing tyrant, something more sinister looms—Hell is coming.

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J.E. Plemons

J.E. Plemons


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