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I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone's Adventure

I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone's Adventure




Children's Books

Publish Date

April 5, 2021

Short Description

Title: I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone's Adventure

Written and Illustrated by E.P.Clanton

36 pages of hand drawn, full color illustrations

Formats: hardcover, softcover, eBook/working on audio-book

New Release: April 5, 2021

Genre: Children's Adventure

ISBN: 978-0-578-81092-8/978-0-578-81093-5



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I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone's Adventure - Written & Illustrated by E.P.Clanton

An adventure of self-discovery, from small beginnings, through the challenges of life, to becoming something greater.

"I may be small in size, but inside I am incredibly large!"-pinecone


Reviewed By Daniel D Staats for Readers’ Favorite

I Am Sequoia: A Pinecone’s Adventure by E. P. Clanton is about so much more than the life cycle of sequoias. This children’s book is destined to become a classic. Clanton tells the story of a pinecone that falls from its tree and is trampled by a large bear. What appears to be a disaster turns into a new chapter in its life. Parents reading this story to their children have so many opportunities to use this book as a springboard for discussions with their children about growing up and the fear that comes with change. This book also explains how change leads to more wonderful adventures.

E. P. Clanton writes in a poetic style while not rhyming.

The way Clanton tells the story will grab the attention of any child and hold that attention to the end. Change is difficult for all of us and for children, especially, change is scary. As they grow, they sense so many new feelings, and some of them are quite fearful. Children will be able to identify with the emotions expressed by the pinecone. In reading this book, parents will be able to talk to youngsters about the different life stages in a loving environment, and children will be able to open up about how they feel, like the pinecone. Clanton understands the thinking of young people and writes on their level.

The illustrations are superb and will delight the reader. The parents will enjoy the short sentences with a poetic flair.


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