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How To Eat on $1 A Day

How To Eat on $1 A Day


Donna Wilson


Finance, Cooking, Single Mom, How To, Nonfiction, Health and Fitness

Publish Date

November 23, 2019

Short Description

Do you ever run into any problems shopping? Is there ever a lack of resources when it comes to getting certain items? Do you ever wonder or think there’s a better way to do things?



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In America, over 70% of households contain inadequate amounts of resources. This goes from food, to shelter, and even the necessities like running water. There is a rise in prices and a decrease in money. With this, we won’t find the things we really want to have in our possessions and have to scrape up everything we have.

This problem plagued me growing up, as a mother of four children that grew up without their father. I had to learn how to cope with things and do what was necessary as I was living in survival. Survival is never a fun place to be at and it never ceased to surprise me the number of events that were happening while raising my children.

In this book, you will find methods that will teach you:
How to make money last
How to shop for amazing deals
How to keep everything together

I made a quick 15-30 minute book for the fact that I know as a mother or sole provider, we don’t have much free time. This book is important and will change the lives of many readers and offer some insight on how to get through life for the time being.

This isn’t a long term thing, being in certain positions will only last for so long. You will figure things out, and you will find solutions. You must stay positive, focused, and continue to love all of those around you unconditionally. Even in the most bizarre of situations, thank you and good luck!
-Ms. Wilson

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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson


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