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Hasonta, The Lost Tribe

Hasonta, The Lost Tribe


Karen Weaver Hall


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Romance, Historical

Publish Date

October 27, 2022

Short Description

Hasonta, The Lost Tribe depicts the lives of the Tolowa Native American Nation in the early

1800s on the Northwest Pacific Coast. It tells the story of a young woman lost from her tribe

and the love of her life, inspiring her to search for strength and determination in the face of

historical change as she struggles to return to the land and the people she loves.


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Hasonta, The Lost Tribe, depicts the lives of the Tolowa Native American Nation in the early 1800’s on the Northwest Pacific Coast. The Cheti and Winchuck/Hasonta Tolowa tribes lived in harmony with human needs similar to our modern-day life. Resolution and restoration drive the story forward in the life of a young Native American woman named Natu. When Natu’s father shows up unexpected to reclaim his daughter, she has no choice but to go with him and leave her beloved grandmother Chai-nu, the only parent she has ever known. Natu longs for her grandmother in the beginning, she makes new friends among her tribe, and learns to love a boy named Jashan.

When the conditions in her father’s home become dangerous, she runs away to try to find her way back to Chai-nu. Along the way, she is kidnapped into an eastern tribe. She brings medicinal skills taught by her grandmother to this tribe, who learn to love her and accept her as the chief’s daughter.

Still wondering if Jashan is coming to find her in time, she stays until impending danger arises causing her to once again flee, heading in the direction of her original village.

As an adult, the stability of Natu’s life is threatened once more when ruthless mandates from the US government force of the Cheti, Hasonta, and Tolowa tribes off of their lands and dispersing their members.

Will Natu ever see Hasonta again or is Hasonta now gone forever?

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Karen Weaver Hall

Karen Weaver Hall


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