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Good, And You?

Good, And You?

How to Get Real Support Instead of Faking It


Kayla Izard


Family and Relationships, Self-Help, How To

Publish Date

April 4, 2023

Short Description

1 in 4 people feel like they are alone and have no one to talk to. Mental health is one of the top struggles we face... and without community - connection - people start to wither. We're here to change that in our lively manifesto: Good, And You?. It's time to get the support you're longing for and build your raft.


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Why is connection, vulnerability, and support so damn hard sometimes? How can we have more access to each other than ever, and still be so lonely? What will it take for us to open up about the things that actually matter?

In this lively manifesto/guidebook on connection, we'll talk about:

  • How to find safe people
  • If anyone even wants to support us
  • Why self-care isn't enough
  • How to protect ourselves and connect
  • How to start those deep conversations

If you’re ready to start working towards a new normal, this may be the book for you. Build your raft. We'd love for you to be a part of ours.

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Kayla Izard

Kayla Izard


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