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Forgotten Colony: Tau Ceti

Forgotten Colony: Tau Ceti

An epic sci-fi story in an immersive fantasy world


Rodzil LaBraun


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Action and Adventure, Fiction

Publish Date

June 28, 2021

Short Description

Tau Ceti sets the stage for the Forgotten Colony series. A spaceship crew attempts to reclaim a colony that has had no contact with the outside world for 150 years. Finding temples to strange gods, fascinating aliens, and mysterious magic in use derails the mission. Escaped and alone, our hero Kenzo balances honor with his need for companionship.


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Tau Ceti is book one of the Forgotten Colony series. This epic story begins simply with an attempt to reclaim a colony that had been left on their own for a hundred and fifty years. However, Tau Ceti Four has some unique characteristics. Those have shaped the development of society for the colonists.

Kenzo Jaxson is in charge of security for the excursion team as they investigate the city of Nerogron. The heavy focus on religion and the storm pattern is unexpected for such a young community, as is no knowledge of the rest of the galaxy.

A growing fondness for the communication specialist Haisley complicates Kenzo's mission. As does befriending the remarkable desert nomad Ciassi. Serving in the temple of the goddess of Pheletia, the priestess Rossi provides more than Kenzo had even hoped, as he struggles to keep his heart from interfering with the mission.

This is an adventurous journey in a fantasy environment, yet has it basis firmly in the science fiction realm. Mystery, suspense, action, and even some romance will delight a wide variety of readers.

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Rodzil LaBraun

Rodzil LaBraun


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