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First Contact: An Immortal Origin Story

First Contact: An Immortal Origin Story

The Immortal Stories Series Prequel


Linda Ashton Trott


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Erotic, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Science Fiction, Historical, Women

Publish Date

May 11, 2022

Short Description

They arrived on Earth 33,000 years ago from a dying planet. They hoped to make a new home here because there were few intelligent species. However, when they arrived, the northern half of the planet was encased in ice, so where would they go?


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A long, long time ago, an alien species arrived on Earth to begin anew. They were a predatory species, equipped with preternatural hunting skills. They had escaped their home world along with many more ark ships, and spread out across the known universe in search of a new home. They arrived with about a quarter of a million souls on board. Their ark ship had been home for them for several generations, even though they only reproduced rarely.

Upon arrival, they chose the landmass at the southern pole because there were no other lifeforms living on it. The ice didn't worry the aliens, their ark ship had withstood far worse cold in the depths of space.

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Linda Ashton Trott

Linda Ashton Trott


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