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Eryinath-5, The Dancer Nebula

Eryinath-5, The Dancer Nebula

Vol. II of the Knolan Cycle


D.B. Sayers


Science Fiction, Military / War, Erotic

Publish Date

August 13, 2021

Short Description

Hāthar-Tahk, formerly Marty Tellus of Earth has hardly had time to recover from the mission that almost killed him before he's presented with another, even more challenging one. He has lots of reasons to want to stick close to home. But love and honor sometimes overwhelm prudence. Sometimes, you just can't say no.


The Winner

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"The Universe is rarely respectful of our plans."

Khuurus, First Guardian of Knola


Newly returned from his first successful mission, as an officer in the Knolan Shock Forces, Hāthar barely has time to unpack before he's drawn into the planning of a new and far more dangerous mission than the one he just completed...and almost killed him.


The Guardian isn't asking him to lead it-only to plan it. And with his mate Arra carrying their first child, he's never had a more compelling reason to stick close to home. But it's a dark time for the Knolan Concordant and Hāthar has a problem with planning a dangerous mission someone else must execute. For him Sa'ang Kurinth, the Knolan call to duty is more than words.


The mission's best chance for success is for him to lead it and if it fails, ther safety of the Concordant and Knola, the world he's come to love will be in realistic danger. Duty, love and honor all lead Hāthar to the same conclusion. But even the Oracle's uncanny perceptiveness cannot predict the outcome. And the fate of twenty-three systems and Hāthar's old world, Earth all hang in the balance.

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D.B. Sayers

D.B. Sayers


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