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Drago's Destiny

Drago's Destiny

A Slow Burn, Strong Heroine, Mythological Fantasy Series (Pale Bay Treasures The Beginning)


Roxy Matthews


Fantasy, Mythological, Science Fiction, Urban

Publish Date

January 16, 2019

Short Description

Drago was chosen to lead the Vlargian race. Raechel is the key to save them all. Together they must find the cure to save their race or die trying.


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Drago Darkiel's quest was a simple one, travel to middle NAN and secure a cure that would stop an ancient virus from destroying his bloodline. What he did not foresee was the woman he once loved, yet turned his back on, pledging to aid him in his travels. Nor the wrath of those within the nations willing to stop at nothing to destroy her. With an unevolved human race standing between them and their civilization’s livelihood, Drago and Raechel must find a way to survive, or sacrifice their entire race, and each other.

Find out what sparks the entire Pale Bay Treasures series by reading Drago’s Destiny, the bestselling alternative history hit that readers are calling ‘intense’.

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Roxy Matthews

Roxy Matthews


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