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COSPLAY: The Comic-Con Killer

COSPLAY: The Comic-Con Killer


Ernie Lee


Fiction, Crime, Mystery

Publish Date

November 16, 2021

Short Description

Rookie cop Selma Cibolo passed the detective examinations in record time. Assigned to the Homicide Division, she is forced to deal with age, gender, and resistance issues. Soon after her arrival, the police find a body in a dumpster behind the San Antonio Convention Center. Before the coroner can identify the body, Selma recognizes the costume of a Comic-Con character named Evie Frye. Selma's supervisor, tough, old-school Detective Thorn Nix, is only concerned with "real world" facts and has no intention of "chasing Batman down a rabbit hole!"

Selma is convinced that clues are lurking in the cosplay angle. Nix is adamant and loads Selma up with cold-case files to keep her busy and out of the way. In the old murder files, Selma finds another victim killed during the previous annual San Antonio Comic-Con. Selma identifies the victim as also being dressed as Evie Frye.

This information is still not enough to convince Detective Nix. He formally orders Selma to stop wasting time on "such nonsense, and stick to the facts!" Acting on a hunch, against orders, Selma calls a former schoolmate who is working in the Denver PD, where Comic-Con Denver just concluded. Yes, there was a murder during the event. Looking at the faxed crime scene photos, Selma identifies the Colorado victim as Evie Frye.

Someone keeps killing Evie Fry, but who and why?



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Selma Cibolo is the youngest patrol officer to ever pass the San Antonio detective examination. Excited to become a detective, Selma finds herself in a department loaded with “old-school” male detectives who take a dim view of rookies – especially female rookies. Despite the fact that she almost aced the exam, her new boss Detective Sergeant Thornton Nix places her on cold-case duties to keep her out of the way. Nix sees Selma as a nuisance and a difficulty. That tactic quickly failed when Selma came across a cold case murder that eerily matched their most recent case. Selma was on the trail.

Someone was killing young girls at Comic-Cons in San Antonio. What seemed odd to Selma was that both young girls were dress as a character from a video game – Evie Frye. Thon knew nothing of cosplay or gaming, and declared that Selma would need to bring him real facts. He wasn’t going to go chasing Batman down a rabbit hole.

The hard facts didn’t take long for Selma to develop. Through her friendship with a former partner who now worked in Denver, Selma learned that a young girl was killed at the recent event in Denver. The pictures showed the deceased dressed as Evie Frye. Coincidence? Thelma thought not. Forbidden to work on the case on duty, she set off the solve the mystery and capture the killer herself.

The book opens with an intense argument between Thorn and his Lieutenant, who is adamant that Nix is not only going to accept this rookie, but also bend over backwards to make it work. The book features descriptive pictures of cosplay costumes and crime scenes. The chapters flow with ease and are designed to keep the reader involved.

This is a fast-paced crime thriller novel in two perspectives; a woman trying to find her place in a male-dominated career, and a killer lost between reality and the world of gaming. The suspense and the unique plot will keep the reader on the edge of their easy chair.

Cosplay is a unique crime novel that highlights criminal psychology by diving into the mind of a serial killer, gender and police politics, and fantasy characters. It is an engaging read that blends riddle, and merges three time-lines and legendary myths.

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Ernie Lee

Ernie Lee


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