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Completely Kaine & Venus

Completely Kaine & Venus


Vee Williams


Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Women

Publish Date

May 19, 2020

Short Description

Completely Kaine and Venus is a contemporary African-American romantic drama set in Atlanta, Georgia.


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SYNOPSIS: When you’re Kaine Spencer, ex-NFL wide receiver, you’re used to getting what you want, when you want it. He’s had a phenomenal football career and now successfully runs his family’s construction business. Everything in his life is exactly how it should be. Until he meets Venus Richards. Venus has no intention of bending to his will and sees him as an uptight, arrogant jerk. Kaine sees her as a thorn in his side until the sharp, prickly edges soften and reveal something more delicate, more desirable. It all changes for him the night he sees her not as an adversary but as a beautiful, sexy woman. He starts to realize that Venus is not just what he wants, she's what he needs. His sweetest drug. Is she willing to look past his transgressions to see what lies underneath? Can he penetrate the defensive walls around her heart? This workplace romance with Kaine and Venus will have you Completely in love.

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Vee Williams

Vee Williams


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