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Charlotte’s Snowman

Charlotte’s Snowman



Fiction, Children's Books

Publish Date

November 23, 2021

Short Description

Children love building snowmen. When they add a nose, eyes, and mouth to their snowman, they get a magical feeling that their snowman has his own personality.
And… sometimes snowmen do come alive!

Charlotte wakes up and sees that it’s snowing… it’s snowing and it’s snowing. She runs outside to build a snowman. She fixes a carrot for the snowman’s nose, a stick for his mouth, and two stones for his eyes.

But the snowman has many demands, so Charlotte has to part with her gloves, scarf and hat; so her snowman wouldn’t feel cold. But the sun comes up all of a sudden, and Charlotte cannot find her snowman anymore. She is sad. Then, she learns that her snowman hasn’t disappeared completely, but is hiding in the ground, waiting to emerge next winter.

A great book for those children who miss their much loved snowman when winter is over.


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A lovely explanation as to what happens to snowmen when they melt; Charlotte’s Snowman by Lainey Dee is a book that will make all snow loving children happy!  Colorful, engaging and utterly delightful, this is a children’s book to treasure.


Charlotte loves building snowmen, so when she wakes up one morning and finds it has been snowing, she’s really excited.  After dressing up warmly, she rushes outside and builds a snowman, complete with a carrot nose.  She is pleasantly surprised when he speaks to her and lets her know he’s cold.  Showing a tender heart and a caring attitude, Charlotte gives the snowman her gloves, hat and scarf.  Soon she is too cold herself and hastens back indoors.  The next day, she’s sad to see the snow has melted and the snowman has gone.  As she is picking up her things in the garden, the snowman calls to her from under the ground, ‘don’t worry, I’ll be back next year.’  This is a very sweet, gentle story.


The illustrations bring this cute short story to life.  They’re my favorite type of children’s images: soft colors and warm, rounded edges, they truly make me smile.  My granddaughter enjoyed pointing out what she spotted in each picture, and I asked her to guess what was happening before I read each caption.  We both thoroughly adored this sweet and charming tale, and I am sure we will be reading it again soon.


Lainey Dee has written an adorable charming story for young children, which simply warms the heart.  And Sarah-Leigh Wills’ drawings are beautiful.  Combined you have an absolutely delightful children’s holiday and wintertime picture book. Highly recommends Charlotte’s Snowman by Lainey Dee, a genuine delight.

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