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Chaos's Crime

Chaos's Crime

Demon Dawgs MC San Diego - Book Two


K.L. Barstow


Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

March 1, 2022

Short Description

Someone killed one of our bunnies and framed me. Lucky for me, my President knows I’m innocent and hires the best defense attorney in town, Evie Buchanon. Not only is she brilliant, but she’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. It would be a crime not to pursue her.


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As Sergeant of Arms for the Demon Dawgs, I’m responsible for the safety of all its members. When I receive two calls for help from club women, I have to make a choice. When I choose saving the life of my President’s Old Lady over helping a former kutte bunny with car trouble, I think I’ve made the right choice. However, when the bunny winds up dead, the cops arrest me for her murder. Good thing my President has my back.



As a criminal defense lawyer, I have one rule about my clients. Never date them. Since most of them are criminals, I find it an easy rule to follow. However, when Dante, the President of the Demon Dawgs, hires me to defend his SOA against murder charges, I find my resolve waver. After all, how many women can resist a man covered in muscles and oozing sex appeal like an expensive cologne?

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K.L. Barstow

K.L. Barstow


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