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Bond of Brother: Danger Close

Bond of Brother: Danger Close


Robert J Saniscalchi


Action and Adventure, Historical, Political thriller, Fiction

Publish Date

June 25, 2021

Short Description

Bond of Brothers: Danger Close is a Military thriller about the men and women in uniform, from the boots on the ground to the fighter jet pilots in the air. A victory over ISIS and the control of northern Iraq is a stake.


The Winner

Book's Awards


Fast and fun... A well-plotted yarn.
High action, breakneck pacing, and political intrigue mark Saniscalchi's latest. The action is almost nonstop, with bodies galore and nice twists right to the end. Amid all the high-profile action and violence, Jason and Emma's romance brings lightheartedness to the narrative. Saniscalchi keeps a tight rein on his lightning-fast, action-packed plot, and the lengths that the courageous Delta team members go to in order to make the Operation Inherent Resolve a success make for thoroughly satisfying reading. Lovers of well-crafted military thrillers won't want to miss this one.

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Robert J Saniscalchi

Robert J Saniscalchi


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