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April's Heart

April's Heart


Shilah Ferr


Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Publish Date

January 22, 2020

Short Description

Autumn 1977. Thirteen year old cheerleader April Schweiter falls hard for Mitch Hudgins, putting an end to childhood and changing her life forever. April embarks on a coming of age journey full of angst and unanswered questions. And her dysfunctional family is only one of the problems in her way.

Classmate and wrestler Mitch Hudgins can’t get enough of April either. She stirs in him surprising passion that is new, unfamiliar and needs to be explored.


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April's Heart is a coming of age romance set in high school and college in the eighties. Cheerleader April Schweiter navigates life and love through her turbulent and sexually charged relationship with her on again, off again boyfriend Mitchell Hudgins. As a young teen April constantly questions her decisions, and Mitch's motivations. As the oldest child in a dysfunctional family, April must endure constant turmoil with her overbearing mother.

Although finally a happy couple in the summer of 1978, April and Mitch decide to break up due to the fact they will be attending different private schools in towns far away from each other. But they find they cannot resist one another and are drawn together time and time again.

Things take an unexpected turn when, during Christmas break of their sophomore year Mitch's high school closes down for good. April is shocked as hell when he shows up in her Spanish 2 class as school resumes in January. Things are not easy for April, as she learns and grows through her experiences, including the divorce of her parents. The story has a surprising ending years later at the wedding of her father in New York City in April, 1987.

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Shilah Ferr

Shilah Ferr


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