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Animals Speak: Communication with Animals - Both Living and in Spirit

Animals Speak: Communication with Animals - Both Living and in Spirit


Patricia Mortlock Author


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help, Family and Relationships

Publish Date

May 9, 2022

Short Description

Would you become a believer if I told you animals speak with me?


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What if I told you, “I just heard of a book that talks about animals that are able to communicate.

In fact, believe it or not, one offers marriage advice hoping to save a marriage in trouble. Another pet dies of a sudden heart attack, and takes his owner's heart problems with him.” You might say “I love reading fiction; it’s so entertaining.” I would have to tell you, “It’s not fiction!” I have met with these pets and others with equally compelling stories.

We only underestimate animals because of the language barrier. When that is gone, the gap closes between us, and we realize they are capable of intelligent thinking and a very deep emotional range.

Come along and be amazed as you read about so-called ordinary pets who break all the rules and break out of the boxes we have put them in!

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Patricia Mortlock Author

Patricia Mortlock Author


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