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All the Bay's Clams and All the Bay's Men

All the Bay's Clams and All the Bay's Men


John Bauer


Fiction, Contemporary, Drama, Humor Fiction, Satire Fiction

Publish Date

September 1, 2020

Short Description

His best days and worst days were those bay days, the ones that shaped his future.

Told in the first person, this novel follows a youth's summer's events and the aftermath of his life, culminating in his refelection of his own existence.




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From the moment he’d graduated high school, Peter Halstead dreamt of a life full of political grandeur and solid achievements. Mocked at every turn, he refuses to make his old man’s mistakes, nor will he dig clams forever. A “most successful” career waits for him on the horizon.

Moments in Peter’s young life soon steer him away from Clayport, his first love, and his buddies. He never returns to his halcyon bay days.

A forty-year high school reunion brings him back to encounter former classmates. He wants nothing more than to showcase himself. Instead, he compares his life to theirs and discovers he may have squandered his existence.

A crumpled napkin channels him toward an uncharted destination. Illogical choices cause his unconventional actions, altering his remaining days on earth.

Will his future have any purpose? Will yours?

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John Bauer

John Bauer


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