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All’s Well That Ends

All’s Well That Ends

A Jack Dunn & Martha Healey Mystery - Book One


Maggie McChristie



Publish Date

June 12, 2020

Short Description

Jack Dunn is a freelance writer and struggling novelist. He also has a peculiar ability to locate lost possessions. When he learns of a treasure chest hidden as part of an eccentric man’s game — solve the riddle, find the gold — Jack joins the hunt. It’s the one last adventure he needs to shake himself out of his mid-life crisis. But the quest for the treasure is only the beginning. And the ending could be deadly. Be careful what you wish for, Jack.


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Maggie McChristie’s debut novel, All’s Well That Ends is an intelligent, engaging, fun read. We follow the main characters, Jack Dunn and his wife Martha Healey, on a hunt for hidden treasure. They are assisted in their quest by unlikely allies — an earnest young Boy Scout, a seven-year-old prodigy, and a surprisingly sympathetic sheriff. Finding the treasure should lead to a happy ending, but, for Jack Dunn, it’s the beginning of his nightmare. A stalker, a kidnapping, and a deadly encounter put everything Jack holds dear in danger.

All’s Well That Ends takes us on a journey — part mystery, part adventure — with an entertaining cast of characters as companions. The quirky relationship between Jack and Marty provides humor and light romance, and steers the story along a perilous path to discover what truly matters.

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Maggie McChristie

Maggie McChristie


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