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A Spirit's Last Gift

A Spirit's Last Gift


Kathy-Lynn Cross


Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

Publish Date

November 28, 2017

Short Description

Juslynn’s one wish; for Carter, to notice her, and not as his best friend but possibly something more. Carter and Juslynn are attending the Snow Flurry dance together but catches Carter kissing her rival, Cher. Overcome with emotions her reaction to flee in four-inch heels causes a fatal accident. Now tethered between life and death she must figure out how to move on with the help of a demon.


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Juslynn Vaxton is an average teenager trying to adjust to the changes of her senior year, life without her mom, her dad remarrying, creating memories with friends, and planning for the future. But there is one little secret keeping the hands of time frozen - she’s hopelessly in love with her best friend, Carter.
As fate would have it, a few days before the Snow Flurry Dance each of their dates cancel. Already with the necessary attire, Carter asks Juslynn if she wants to attend the dance with him, but is it a date or as friends? Internally battling with her emotions, Juslynn doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but would confessing set her heart free?
On top of keeping her feelings hidden, she also has to deal with the town’s socialite, Cher. With cryptic messages from her rival, unresolved questions about her mother’s death, and Carter’s electrically charged touch clouds her judgment. The last thing Juslynn needed was to catch Carter kissing Cher. Emotionally imploding; she flees in four-inch heels on ice-coated stairs. Running away ends up costing her everything.
Several days later, Juslynn wakes to discover she’s dead and has a demon, named Haste, watching over her. His job is to keep her from moving on, but what’s more confusing is when he explains she’s half Nephilim. For her to become a full-fledged angel, she must unpack her emotional baggage, say goodbye to the ones tethering her between worlds and release her regret by confessing her love to Carter.
But, Haste has other plans for Juslynn and a confession of his own that might alter her decision to choose between an angelic destiny or a cursed afterlife as a demon.

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Kathy-Lynn Cross

Kathy-Lynn Cross


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