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A Map Maker's Dream

A Map Maker's Dream


William Graney


Fiction, Suspense, Psychological

Publish Date

April 13, 2020

Short Description

In 1790’s Westphalia, a gunsmith has a vision which reveals a map of North America while in the midst of a feverish dream. Upon awakening, he draws an exact replication of the map. This divinely inspired map includes a silver chalice placed in an area of the Rocky Mountains. The chalice marks a specific location on the map, similar to an X on a treasure map.


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In 1972, twelve-year old Will Stokes finds a hidden compartment in his grandparent’s basement. Unable to resist reaching into the cubby hole, Will pulls out two tubes that contain what appear to be ancient maps. One of the maps is of North America, with only the eastern seaboard states outlined. When he notices that a silver chalice was drawn on the map, he becomes intrigued and thus begins a search for the chalice that will consume most of his adult life and lead to years of trekking on The Continental Divide Trail.

Will’s quest to discover the location of the silver chalice begins in earnest when a Native American prophet comes to him in a dream and provides the first clue. This initial step will lead to a long journey filled with many trials and tribulations. As Will spends years zigzagging the Rocky Mountains on foot, he must embrace the lessons he learns in this realm, and others, while traversing the Mist Trail with the ultimate goal of drinking from the silver chalice.

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William Graney

William Graney


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