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A Biker's Parade

A Biker's Parade

The Story of David Matthews


Christian James



Publish Date

November 10, 2023

Short Description

David is on guard duty at a funeral for a fellow soldier. As he looks out at the mourners, he reflects on his life. He thinks back to his earliest childhood memories, his experiences in high school, and the events that led him to join the Navy. He also considers the decisions he's made that he now regrets and seeks forgiveness for. Join David Matthews on his journey as he shares his story in this gripping military fiction tale.


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Standing tall in his dress whites. David Matthews stands guard at the head of the tombstone of a fallen soldier. Peering at the mourners, he reflects on the highs and lows of his life. From struggling through his childhood, meeting his best friend, Brian, loving and then losing his sweetheart, Alexandria, and the military medically discharging him are just some of the hurdles he faces. While David battles the demons from the military discharge, no one would have expected the death of Samantha, a close family member, to be what brings David back to sobriety.

David befriends two people who help restore meaning to his life—Fox, the leader of the Patriotic Guard, and Mr. Moody, the owner of the funeral home where David volunteers. By regaining meaning and purpose, David wonders if it is enough to keep him on the right path.

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Christian James

Christian James


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